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Medium Sized Tattoo (5-7in)

My names Mikal (Michael)  I started my pursuit towards a full time art career in 2014 & i've been tattooing professionally for 3 years now 


I'm an emotionally driven nerd who's down to earth & all about growth. I strive to be better than yesterday & I love to express emotion & idea through art

I'm 27 years young, i dabble in oil painting & music production when i'm not drawing or tattooing


I have a strong passion for color, watercolor, abstract & anime tattoos with a good understanding of black & gray art


Bring me your ideas & i'll be happy to design something cool & tattoo it for you.

You can also pick out a drawing of mine & see if its available. I tattoo all of my art only once for one person, once its been done i'll never do that same drawing as a tattoo again


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